Cristobal at the Faubourg

From November 16 until December 16, 2023, Cristobal le Poisson Rouge takes up residence at the Faubourg Saint-Honoré, at the Galerie Nichido.

Protagonist of the latest exhibitions and artistic experiments (Mythologies du Poisson Rouge, Scène Symphonique, Anamorphose,…), Cristobal is the symbol of the ecological and humanist reflection of Maurice Renoma, presented in the form of fables, mythologies. Since 2017, he has been taking this artistic alter ego around the world to denounce the ravages of pollution linked to overconsumption and degradation of collective consciousness.

Cristobal, born of polymers, mainly fed off the 15 million tonnes of plastic dumped every year in the oceans, without fear of being one of the countless victims discovered dead on the shores. He swims through spectacular stagings and immersive, comical and poetic, pointing out ecological but also societal issues

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Very large portraits, such as family portraits: Cristobal in the company of strangers who appropriated him, finding him amusing, pretty, quirky, ugly, false, giving others the audacity to stage themselves, in this mirror of the absurd.


Cristobal and the cosmonaut artist (sculpture: Jorge Luis Miranda Carracedo) set off to explore a near future in the search for the beauty that has fled our time. The two adventurers then become romantic modern heroes, embodying the role of protagonists of a visionary series where the places are abandoned and the human is absent. Will they be able to find it and bring it back to the present?


The present is not enough for Cristobal. He thus decides to invent his own reality and to create a universe where he can change appearance with light. He plays with the invisible: through a system of optical illusions, the goldfish has fun hiding and swimming in the whole chaotic and overflowing with representations these days. He finds his truth hidden in the dark, in the margins. In the spaces left empty. Where things change and purity shows, creativity saves the human race.


Galerie Nichido

61 Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris
tuesday – saturday
10.30 a.m – 1 p.m | 2 p.m – 7 p.m


Station Miromesnil, line 9 and 13




Maurice Renoma, Hors Cadre

release in libraries on October 11, 2023

Public Space

Last trimester of 2023 - City Hall’s gates (16th arrondissement)

Cristobal at Trouville-sur-Mer

from April 1st until the end of October, 2023 - at Trouville-sur-Mer

+33(0)1 44 05 38 14/18
113 Avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris